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Supporting services

Our business philosophy is based on building and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers. We, therefore, deliver excellent support services:


Our risk management software comes along with a multilingual service desk. We are available for you, so your operations will not be disturbed. A service level agreement is part of your subscription (at no cost!) and consists of constructive, preventive and corrective maintenance.


RiskSync is provided as on-premise as well as cloud-based, with no difference in functionality or scalability. However, we primary (90%) provide the software using the Software-As-A-Service principle giving our customers the latest updates automatically, no hassle for your IT team and no hidden costs.


RiskSync fully supports your operations by delivering a highly reliable infrastructure in your region. It goes without saying that your critical business data is protected by industry-leading security.


Our implementations are characterized by close cooperation between the customer and the RiskSync project team. Implementation includes 3 phases of testing to ensure high quality and ultimate customer satisfaction.


RiskSync has a wide range of connectors in place to interact with other systems. Should any integration be needed, which is not covered by our already built connectors, specific interfaces or integrations can be developed.


RiskSync offers various training programs for different kinds of users. Courses are provided by our expert consultants. Advance your knowledge of the software and become a RiskSync-master! 

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