RiskSync automates your existing processes

We aim to help each and every organization that has Quality and Safety at the very heart of their efforts.


We wish we could write here a nice story about how we help you eliminate risks within your organization. The truth is, we cannot. There will always be risks, either small or big.

The main question here is: Is the organization aware of the risks? Do you know which risks have priority? And what actions you need to take to manage these risks and eliminate them as far as possible?

This is exactly what we do. RiskSync builds on 15 years of experience contributing to the quality & safety within all types of organizations. We do so by providing proven risk management software.

Our unique software platform hosts custom cloud solutions for data gathering, workflow management, and process automation. Each solution identifies and analyses risks, discovers trends and facilitates continuous quality improvement. Together the applications form a complete risk management system tailored to the needs of your organization: secure, user-friendly, modular and integrated with existing systems.

Here you find an overview of our most used solutions. 

Globally, we help more than 500 organizations compliant, realizing efficiency, improving communication, and focusing on prevention. However, we cannot do that by ourselves. Therefore we rely on a global partner network.

RiskSync is a label of The Patient Safety Company. A leading company in providing quality & risk management software to the healthcare industry. More info: www.patientsafety.com

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