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The Patient Safety Company, provider of a Quality & Risk Management platform for the Healthcare industry, launched a new label: RiskSync. With this new label, the software company can serve the Quality & Risk Management needs of organizations outside the healthcare industry.

The Patient Safety Company introduces RiskSync

RiskSync is a label of The Patient Safety Company (TPSC); Key player in the field of quality & risk management software for the healthcare industry. TPSC provides an advanced software platform, TPSC Cloud™. The platform hosts custom cloud solutions for incident management, complaints management, continuous improvement, etc.

The software platform of The Patient Safety Company is known for its flexibility and usability; every solution can be tailor-made to the existing processes and procedures of the organization. These unique characteristics increase the acceptation and usage of the software within the organization.

Globally, 500 healthcare institutions use TPSC Cloud™ as their quality and risk management system; from large, prestigious academic hospitals to small GP’s. In addition, The Patient Safety Company regularly receives requests from organizations outside the healthcare industry. To be able to serve these organizations as well, The Patient Safety Company created a new label: RiskSync.

Rick Bergen, CEO TPSC & RiskSync: “We want – and are able – to help each and every organization that has quality & safety as a high priority; either small or big, within healthcare or outside the healthcare sector. The Patient Safety Company builds on almost 2 decades of experience contributing to the healthcare industry. Why can we not do the same for other sectors? For example oil & gas, engineering, manufacturing, education, etc. We’ve seen amazing implementations of our software, transited to multiple innovative applications that can benefit any organization, regardless of their corporate profile! That’s why we’ve created RiskSync.”

The customer base of The Patient Safety already includes some organizations outside the healthcare industry. Examples are an oil refining from Malaysia and a safety region in the Netherlands. The oil refining company already uses the RiskSync label. It is the exact same software as TPSC Cloud™. It’s just a different look-and-feel.

To distribute the software Worldwide, TPSC relies on an international partner network. Ricardo Varela van Oordt, Sales & Partner Manager: “Our partners are equally excited about this new window of opportunities. They understand as well the flexibility and strength within our software. We should not be bound to one sector only, when we are capable of helping many more! Our very first clients are already in. It’s official now!”

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