Safety is a joint effort!

Create a culture of safety to ensure a safe work environment. 

Culture surveys

Rules, protocols, guidelines and risk analyses – the so-called hard factors – are of essence to ensure a safe work environment. However, more time should be invested in the soft side of safety. Creating a culture of safety takes center stage. But to determine and change the organizational culture is not an easy job.

With the help of culture surveys, you can measure the degree to which an open (or closed) culture prevails in your organization, department or team. Trends are used to determine interventions that can be undertaken to improve the organizational culture step-by-step.

  • Use internationally recognized surveys or create your own.
  • Easily complete surveys using your desktop or mobile device.
  • Monitor KPI’s and identify trends.
  • Create recurring reports within the click of a button.
  • Initiate and monitor interventions to create a safety culture!

The culture survey solution is hosted on the RiskSync platform and includes all the built-in functionalities. 

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