These characteristics make the RiskSync platform stand out from the rest

Flexible | Scalable | Modular | Secure | No-code | Cloud-based | Customer care | User-friendly

Key characteristics

FLEXIBLE - Fully process supporting

We build custom risk management solutions that support your organization’s existing process(es). You show us how you want our software to work for you.

Our software platform is known for its flexibility. Each component of the software can be configured to the specific needs of your organization. Together we go through the process of building your custom-made risk management solutions.

SCALABLE - We grow with you

Our platform is developed to accommodate a high amount of data and thousands of users. We have customers with over 5000 employees using the system on daily basis for reporting, analysis and generating real-time overviews.

MODULAR - Create your own quality & risk management system

Each application functions as a stand-alone solution, but can also be fully integrated with other applications. Either with other RiskSync solutions or external/existing solutions. Together they form a total solution tailored to the needs of your organization.

SECURE - Comply with the highest security standards

Your custom-made risk management solutions are provided through a highly reliable Cloud-based infrastructure in your region. It goes without saying that your critical business data is protected by industry-leading security, with all our data encryption and SSL connections fully compliant with SSAE16 and HIPAA.

NO-CODE PLATFORM Quick implementation, at low cost!

With RiskSync you have a tool at your disposal to quickly automate – and optimize – any process! Via Point & Click applications are configured. Programming skills are not required. We develop your risk management solutions fast and at low cost!

CLOUD-BASED - Anywhere, anytime, any device

RiskSync is a SaaS solution, hosted in the cloud. Updates and backups are no longer subjects of attention for your IT department. Uptime and performance are monitored 24/7 and action is taken directly in critical situations.

SUPPORT & CUSTOMER CARE - We are 24/7 on duty

Our business philosophy is based on building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. We excel in delivering support services. Our Risk Management software comes along with comprehensive support services and a multilingual service desk. In this way, we ensure you can optimally use the software at all times.

USER-FRIENDLYExperience it yourself!

The unambiguous design ensures that every employee, irrespective of knowledge level, knows how to use the software. Experience it yourself, request a free, online demonstration!

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