Ansers guarantees its quality with RiskSync software - Case study

Ansers guarantees its quality with RiskSync software - Case study

Increasing administrative pressure within companies in terms of quality, safety or other indicators requires solutions that improve efficiency within companies and eliminate the risk of errors. That is why Ansers has decided to purchase the RiskSync software. Among other things, to be able to digitize and optimize business processes and to support their ISO certification 9001: 2015.

Ansers is a Belgian SME (Small or Medium-sized Enterprise) active in the field of analytical chemistry, physical testing and polymer chemistry. They do this based on years of experience and knowledge gained in this sector. They used to be part of Shell.

Customer satisfaction is the most important performance indicator for Ansers. It is therefore logical that they also focus on the quality of the business processes and their optimization.

Important pillars of the software for Ansers:

1. Improve and optimize business processes

The main challenge for Ansers within the business processes is to keep the administration up-to-date. Registering and following up the daily incoming requests for analysis is one of the most important processes. They use the RiskSync platform to properly safeguard that process.

2. Information accessible to everyone

Another important goal was to make information accessible to everyone. The employees also experience this as real added value, since when implementing a change of, for example, analyzes, contact persons or addresses, only one system needs to be approached. Moreover, in this way you prevent different versions of information from being used in different places within the company.

3. Guaranteeing quality

In the field of risk management, the advantages lie mainly in the tracing of information and the organization of data, so that errors can be prevented. Since the ISO certification, they have increasingly focused on risk management and process improvement. Not only can the follow-up of the standards be easily guaranteed, but the related processes can also be automated and improved with the help of the software.

4. Flexibility and scalability

There are few quality systems available for SMEs that are scalable and affordable. Ansers was looking for a quality system that offers flexibility, so that the software can be applied to current business processes, but can also grow with future developments within the market and the company. The RiskSync software meets the necessary expectations here.

What does Ansers say about this?

Customer satisfaction is an important pillar for Ansers as a company. They also have this experience as a customer at adheco, the Value Added Reseller of RiskSync in Belgium. In addition, they were looking for a party that also thinks along with the company through knowledge and experience and guides them in their growth.

“We are happy with our choice. Not only because of the RiskSync software, but also because of the support offered by adheco. This gives us an idea of ​​good service and customer satisfaction. That gives us confidence, now and in the future.” (Marijke Slabbinck, CEO Ansers)

All the benefits of RiskSync at a glance

  • Digitize & optimize business processes
  • Support of the ISO 9001: 2015 certification
  • Real-time reporting (overview lists, graphical overviews, KPIs, etc.)
  • Scalability and flexibility of the system
  • Central management of information, available to employees according to predefined rights
  • Reduce administrative burden (simple and one-time registration of information)
  • Availability 24/24

Free demo?

For a free demo of the RiskSync software, please contact Sales. They can show how you can improve your quality and processes.

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