Minimize the effects of a potential data breach and prevent

In 2016 the global average cost of each breach was $3.62 million USD.

Information Security

Data privacy and security continues to be a growing concern for many organizations. The number and scale of security incidents continue to increase. As a result, organizations are facing more and stricter laws and regulations they have to comply with.

With the Information Security solution, information security becomes everyone’s responsibility! Compliance is no longer an issue. The application facilitates internal and external reporting, analysis of causes and consequences, and initiating improvement actions.

  • Have tasks and responsibilities clear in case of a data breach.
  • Make information security a joint effort by making it safe and easy to report a data breach.
  • Determine root causes and understand how an information security incident could happen.
  • Maintain responsibilities and track the status of each incident.
  • Monitor KPI’s and identify trends.
  • Initiate and monitor corrective actions to prevent potential data breaches in the future. 

The information security solution is hosted on the RiskSync platform and includes all the built-in functionalities. 

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