These functionalities form the basis of all our solutions

Mobile-first reporting | Analysis methodologies | Dashboards & reporting tools | Signals & notifications | Advanced user-management 

Key functionalities

MOBILE-FIRST REPORTING Anywhere, anytime, any device

Becoming aware of risks begins with reporting a near miss, incident, complaint or another adverse event. The RiskSync platform includes mobile first reporting forms. Report an incident or complaint, submit an idea for improvement, complete a survey, etc., using a tablet or mobile phone!

About RiskSync's mobile-first reporting forms:

  • Fully customizable online forms
  • 25 types of questions to choose from to capture the information you need
  • Only relevant questions are shown
  • Direct validation of set requirements
  • Optional anonymous reporting
  • No double entry due to an interface with your current HR system
  • Add attachments, like pictures, videos or voice recordings.
  • Save draft version and complete later

New! Preview your current (paper-based) incident reporting form in RiskSync.


The RiskSync platform includes various internationally recognized analytical methods, like Ishikawa or fishbone diagram, Root Cause Analysis, PRISMA and timeline reconstruction.

About RiskSync's analysis methodologies:

  • Step by step guidance through the analysis
  • Create a trend analysis of root causes
  • Automatic creation of analytical reports with various graphical tools

Discover trends, prioritize risks, monitor KPI’s and create overviews within the press of a button. Data is real-time processed and shown within your overviews. The RiskSync platform includes personalized management dashboards, dynamic work list, and custom templates.

Personalized management dashboards are created based on your personal needs and goals:

  • Graphical overviews using various types of charts
  • List overviews with color indication
  • Zoom into the details using click-through functionality

Easily search, group and filter data using dynamic working lists! Export and share your overviews using Word, Excel, PDF, CSV or XML.

We configure custom templates for your recurring/periodic reports. Whereafter the report you desire is created by just one click!


Does a high-risk event require direct attention? Need to make people aware when a new event is registered? Or want to remind people of an upcoming deadline? The Risk Sync Platform includes the ability to automatically send notifications and alerts.

ADVANCED USER-MANAGEMENT Make safety everyone's responsibility

The Risk Sync Platform has a built-in user management system. Set up privacy rules for an unlimited amount of users, teams, departments, etc. Rights can be applied on both functional level or access level.

WORKFLOW BUILDER - Automate existing processes

The workflow forms the core of each solution. With the graphical workflow builder you easily automate any workflow, using drag and drop functionality. 

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